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Thrive: Teen Bible Study Series or Youth Camp Theme

“Thrive” is a teen Bible study series that can be used as a five week youth study or a 5-day camp curriculum. The leader guides come with background summaries and overviews, pre-lesson activities, icebreakers, student exercises, lesson guides, team building activities, and printable student handouts (Talk Sheets). Ideal for middle and high school students.

Lesson 1: Thriving by Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves (living out God’s “one another” commands).

Lesson 2: Thriving by Valuing Others and Loving Our Neighbors (a study on the Good Samaritan).

Lesson 3: Thriving by Overcoming Our Fears and Weaknesses (a study on the youthful leadership of Gideon).

Lesson 4: Thriving by Putting Our Small In The Hands of a Big God (a study on the boy who gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish to feed the multitudes).

Lesson 5: Thriving by Trading In Our Complacency for Compassion (a study on Nehemiah; God wants to break our hearts for the things that break His).