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Shapers: Leadership That Restores Hope

Deriving leadership principles from the biblical figure Nehemiah, “Shapers” is a look into the life and legacy of one of history’s greatest leaders of justice and compassion. This Old Testament hero of the faith took a city lying in ruins and rebuilt its walls in implausible time while facing relentless opposition—even an assassination attempt!

This story isn’t just about an urban revitalization project; it’s a fascinating narrative of a leader who sacrificed so much to restore hope in people who were hurting. Nehemiah shows us that character-based leadership, who we are and what we do consistently, will come to define us. He teaches us that it’s good to have our hearts broken for the things that break God’s heart. He is a living example that if we are bold in faith, mighty forces will come to our aid.

shapers-cover-450Nehemiah gives us a blueprint for living in missional community together with others. His adversity reminds us that resistance is important to our lives because it shapes us, and who we are becoming is more important than what we are accomplishing. Like any warm-blooded leader, Nehemiah gets angry at times. But he is wise enough to know that what we do with our anger shapes us.

Finally, we see that the story of Nehemiah is not so much about a wall as it is about people. A wall was a practical need that Nehemiah could meet in the lives of suffering people, but in the end, it was more about helping people rediscover their heritage, re-imagine their future, and ultimately find their place in His-story.

Chapters (Download a free sample here)

1. CHARACTER: It Determines Your Destiny
2. COMPASSION: Has Your Heart Been Broken?
3. VISION: Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come
4. COMMUNITY: God Works Through Missional Tribes
5. ADVERSITY: The Hard Is What Makes It Great
6. ANGER: What You Do With It, Shapes You
7. MISSION: It’s Not About a Wall, But People
8. FOCUS: No Time For Self-Vindication
9. PURPOSE: Finding Their Place In His-Story
10. WORSHIP: Breaking Away From Idolatry
11. CELEBRATING: Don’t Forget To Party