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“Joseph The Dreamer”

Joseph The Dreamer: I Will Rise From These Ashes

“I have always been inspired by the Genesis story of Joseph. It’s a remarkable account of one who experienced unimaginable pain and disappointment, although never growing bitter or resentful. As a teenager, Joseph had a God-inspired dream. He also had jealous brothers and a dysfunctional family. Betrayed by those closest to him, Joseph is sold into slavery. As a loyal servant in a foreign leader’s palace, this young man is falsely accused by an Egyptian temptress and thrown into a prison cell—disgraced and forgotten. The Hebrew prisoner must find a way to rise from the ashes of ruin and injustice. Though everything is stripped away from him, including his reputation and dignity, Joseph manages to hold fast to his faith in God’s redemptive purposes. Years pass until the Pharaoh of Egypt, troubled by two puzzling dreams, hears of Joseph’s abilities. Pharaoh summons Joseph to exercise his gifts in interpreting the dreams, thus catapulting him into a powerful position of leadership and influence. Then a worldwide famine brings him back face to face with the past. The result is an inspiring depiction of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through this amazing narrative we are reminded that God will never waste our pain, and that some of the most beautiful things indeed rise out of the ashes of our pain. This book is my reflection on life lessons drawn from Joseph’s timeless story.”

– Jimmy Larche

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen, They Rise
Chapter 2: When The Dream Becomes a Nightmare
Chapter 3: It Might Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Chapter 4: Are You Facing a Setback or a Setup?
Chapter 5: From The Pit to The Palace
Chapter 6: Everything Is Made Beautiful In It’s Time
Chapter 7: Waves of Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness
Chapter 8: They Intended Harm, God Had Other Plans
Chapter 9: Your Story Is Bigger Than You Think