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Dinner Church: Christmas Outreach Serving Underprivileged Kids

Do you ever wonder why so much of our Lord’s ministry took place around meals? “The Table” is one of the most important places of human connection. People don’t want to be projects. They want their humanity to be recognized and their potential to be valued. The table is a place for shared community, reconciliation, grace enacted, and dignity restored. That’s the backdrop to our “Dinner Church” ministry.

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One of our Christmas outreach initiatives is to partner with local churches to provide “Dinner Church” experiences that bless disadvantaged children and under resourced families in our communities. Partner churches serve as hosts for the dinner parties and adopt children for gift giving.

These festive holiday celebrations foster a community-atmosphere where all guests are welcomed as equals. This ministry model, fashioned after the example of how Jesus did ministry in the Gospels, aims to blur the lines between those serving and those being served, as to counter an “us vs. them” approach to outreach. This concept is a dignity restoring “shared life” together as opposed to a “hit-and-run” charitable handout. Because these dinner parties are incredibly flexible, they can be scaled up for larger churches or even scaled down for smaller congregations, life groups and community groups, or social distancing measures.

Want to make a huge impact in your community this holiday season? Contact us for more information about how to initiate the dinner church model in your community.