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Conflict Resolution and Anti-Bullying Workshop

With bullying on the rise in U.S. schools and increasingly diverse classrooms and communities, the need for empathy and conflict resolution has never been more important. Each year, more than 3.2 million students are bullied, while an estimated 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied.

Bullying hurts everyone.  It can cause lifelong anxiety and depression for victims. Others experience thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Bullying also hurts the educational environment by affecting every child’s ability to learn.

Our network is now offering a community resource workshop targeting conflict resolution and anti-bullying measures. This workshop is conducted in multiple sessions by a behavior interventionist with a Masters in Forensic Psychology—a compassionate and resourceful facilitator with a decade worth of experience in managing and organizing teams with youth leadership.

The design of program focuses interaction and skills based. The topics include Family, School, Community Engagement, positive relationships and bullying prevention. The workshop will benefit, not only youth, but adults to provide understanding and put into place strategies for effective youth development.

Key Elements:

Relationships: The workshop is designed for individuals to be interactive towards one another. One key element to consider would be the impact of relationships on students’ environment in context with climate and culture. Another key element to consider is social competence as it connects to bullying prevention and intervention and coping strategies.

Peer Mediation: Peer Mediation, is a way in which students can think through solving problems and in the end finding a resolution for future conflict. It most certainly demonstrates responsibility, ownership and respect.

Problem-solving and Decision Making: Participants learn work to work, communicate and articulate issues and concerns with others, such as, peers and adults.

Leadership Development: Adults have the skills to continue to practice and implement change initiatives for improve program quality.

Contact us for more information about this workshop and how it can be implemented in your context. This is great program for schools, youth community centers, and juvenile centers.