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Youth Talk Sheets: The Life of Jesus Christ

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Get youth talking about the Bible… And themselves, their beliefs, their questions, their struggles. Do it conveniently and effectively with our Breakaway Rap Sheets (youth talk sheets).

“Rap Sheets” (talksheets) make Bible conversations interesting and engaging for young people, while offering helpful hints and optional exercises to help youth leaders facilitate effective conversations—without a lot of prep work.

In this turnkey Bible study series focusing on The Life of Jesus Christ, you get three months worth of Bible study lessons (13 weeks) that begin with the birth of Jesus and follows Him on His journey to the cross and the resurrection.

Included is a Leader Guide for each lesson as well as the printable Talk Sheet; a one-page reproducible handout with provocative questions in a compelling design that will get churched and unchurched kids alike, thinking about and discussing the Bible.

These talksheets are very popular with the youth that our ministry serves in juvenile detention centers and residential youth facilities.

This volume contains:

Session One: The Birth of Jesus Christ
Session Two: The Baptism of Jesus
Session Three: The Temptation of Jesus
Session Four: Jesus Heals a Paralytic
Session Five: Jesus Calms The Storm
Session Six: Jesus Feeds The Multitudes
Session Seven: Walking On Water
Session Eight: The Transfiguration
Session Nine: The Last Supper
Session Ten: Gethsemane
Session Eleven: The Crucifixion
Session Twelve: The Resurrection
Session Thirteen: The Great Commission


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