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Why Baseball Outreach in Europe?

Baseball Outreach in Europe

For over a decade Breakaway Outreach has been mobilizing mission teams to facilitate baseball camps in Europe. Why do we do this? This video answers that question. Listen to some of our camp leaders in Italy, Ireland, and Germany, share how this ministry is reaching people far from God and transforming lives.

Europe a Forgotten Mission Field

Europe has been described as one of the most forgotten mission fields of our day. Once at the epicenter of the sending church, today it is a region where the church has faced attrition. The church in Europe has the lowest growth rate at 1.1% annually. Europe’s cities, through their diverse populations and activities, produce connections with individuals and cultures from around the world. Imagine what would happen if that influence could be harnessed to extend God’s Kingdom.

Why Baseball?

Baseball is a relatively unknown sport in Germany. Having Americans instruct baseball is not only engaging for German youth, it impacts entire families and communities. Utilizing baseball camps for 8-18 year old young people has proven to be groundbreaking in its effectiveness to share the gospel.

Short Term Mission Trips

We provide short term mission trips for Americans to serve in Germany. Although you don’t have to be a baseball player to go, a general knowledge of the game is important. The most important aspect is your willingness to serve others and build relationships with our German friends. Contact us about mission trip dates and locations.