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Birthday Blessings

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The purpose of our Birthday Blessings outreach is to bring heaven’s joy to under-served children and kids facing adversity through festive birthday celebrations.

On Juan’s 14th birthday, we held an “Birthday Blessing” celebration for him. He took a cupcake napkin and went around the room getting every person to sign it. Why? Juan hadn’t been given a birthday party since he was 4-years old, and to commemorate this momentous occasion, he wanted the signature of everyone who was there that day!

Through our “Birthday Blessings” outreach, kids are celebrated and honored with an abundant outpouring of God’s love.

Some of those benefiting from our birthday blessings include…

  • children in homeless and domestic abuse shelters
  • children in foster care or transitional living facilities
  • children from financially insecure homes and families
  • children living in impoverished conditions
  • children in refugee and migrant shelters

Our birthday parties involve celebratory environments with:

  • birthday cakes and treats
  • gifts and age-appropriate activities
  • decorations and mascots
  • party games and crafts
  • amazing people (guests/volunteers)
  • God’s love and an outpouring of generosity!

The hallmark of Breakaway’s Birthday Blessings is that the program isn’t just hailed as a charitable deed, but an unmistakable, undeniable, generous outpouring of God’s love flowing through the hearts of His people.

Our “Birthday Angels” are the heartbeat of this program. There are three ways you can get involved as a Birthday Angel:

  1. Donate dollars
    • $25 for a birthday gift
    • $45 for birthday cake and party favors
    • $100 for decorations, games, and crafts
    • $350 for an entire birthday party with all the bells and whistles!
  2. Donate items and party supplies
    • Birthday gifts (age-appropriate from 6-16 years old)
    • Gift cards (Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Target, etc.)
    • Gift wrapping supplies
    • Paper products (plates, cups, napkins, utensils, candles)
    • Hats, blowers, balloons, party favors
    • Party games
  3. Bring your enthusiasm and come party with us by serving/volunteering at a birthday event (fill out our application form here)

If you’d like to become a Birthday Angel and champion the cause of bringing the joy of heaven to kids facing hardship, we’d love to hear from you!

Your Gift Changes Lives!


Mail your gift to:

Breakaway Outreach
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