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In-Kind Donation Needs List

In-Kind Donations Needs List

Below is a list of in-kind donations we can use for our local, regional, and international outreach ministries:

LOCAL (Chattanooga area ministries):

  • Clothing, hygiene items, and food products for underserved neighborhoods
  • Backpacks and school supplies for students in low-income communities
  • Healthy Snack Pack items for kids in food insecure households
  • Winter coats, portable heaters for needy families
  • KidVenturez packages for underprivileged kids (tickets to sports events, museums, aquariums, etc.)

REGIONAL (we have drop locations around the country):

  • Art kits, toys, and stuffed animals for outreach to kids in domestic abuse shelters, refugee communities, and transitional living facilities (new or in fairly good shape)
  • Easter baskets, Christmas shoebox gifts, and birthday party goods for children in homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, and other transitional living facilities

GLOBAL MISSIONS (international sports and arts camps for youth/children):

  • VBS kits (now you know what to do with all those used materials at your church!!!)
  • Baseball gloves, bats, balls, catcher’s gear, umpire gear, bases, spikes, soft-toss nets, clothes, and training equipment
  • Basketballs, hoops, nets, uniforms, shoes, and training equipment
  • Soccer balls, goal/nets, cleats, shin guards, and training equipment
  • Volleyballs, nets, knee pads, uniforms, and tennis shoes
  • Art supplies, paints, brushes, palettes, drawing paper, journals, colored pencils, markers, and canvases
  • Musical instruments, keyboards, violins, guitars, and violins

Contact us for info about drop locations in your area.