Our summer camp theme this year is “I GOT THIS” taken from the Old Testament story of Moses and the Exodus. Moses is one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. His name means “drawn out,” signifying how Moses would later “draw out” God’s people from Egyptian slavery. In this series, we will study Moses’ rise to leadership and see how he led God’s people out of suffering and hardship. We will see his faith tested as he is challenged to overcome his feelings of inadequacy. And we will see God showing up in big ways. Our goal with this teaching is to show that the great “I Am” can be trusted with our past and our future.

Most importantly, we will come to know that God says to everything in our lives: “I GOT THIS.”

Below are the topics our curriculum will cover. Please pray that every camper will encounter God in a life-changing way, and learn how they can “breakaway” from everything that holds them back from becoming completely whole in Him.

  • Abandoned for a Purpose: A Drifting Baby Was No Accident
  • Called to Make a Difference: Don’t Ignore That Burning Bush
  • Courage to Face the Bully: Following God When it Get’s Hard
  • Nothing But The Blood: A Deadly Night and God’s Protection
  • God Will Make a Way: I Can Trust Him When I’m Afraid