WHEN: March 27-31

[ surv-uh-loo’-shuhn ]

  1. a community-wide revolution of simple acts of kindness.
  2. kids serving others and giving back to their community.


Servolution: Chattanooga Kids Giving Back

Spring into action, Chattanooga! Servolution is a springtime initiative mobilizing youth and children to bring about a revolution of serving others through simple acts of kindness.

Servolution is not just an event; it is a revolution of kindness fostered through serving. As we begin opening our hearts, hands, and time to serve, not only are we part of changing the lives of others, but we are also subject to the changing of our own lives. A beautiful perspective is found when we take the time to look around and seek opportunities to bless others in our community. We find ourselves being transformed by the idea of living beyond ourselves.

Below are some ways that young people in your community can take initiative and join the movement in serving others.

Community Outreach Ideas and Initiatives:

  • Assemble Easter baskets for children displaced due to domestic violence
  • Volunteer at a local food bank
  • Serve those in transitional living facilities
  • Visit/serve at a nursing home or assisted living community
  • Deliver lunch/dinner or baked goods to local police and fire departments
  • Spring cleanup—host a huge, fun, garage sale to benefit a local charity or cause
  • Organize an Easter bash for special needs kids
  • Do a sports/recreation event at an underserved neighborhood
  • Give out free bottled water and snacks at athletic events
  • Clean up a playground or park in the area
  • Do a home renovation project for the elderly or disabled
  • Bring free lunches to construction workers or servicemen in your area
  • Clean the yard of a single mom or widow
  • Give out free donuts and coffee at a bus stop or shopping center
  • Host a free car wash
  • Show appreciation to postal workers and shipping associates (UPS, FedEx, USPS) by visiting their centers and doing a reverse-delivery of goody bags
  • Throw a “Senior Prom” for a nursing home complete with live music, food, and decorations
  • Do a door-to-door grocery giveaway
  • Visit a children’s hospital and bring small gift items
  • Serve fresh coffee and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room
  • Host a party for children in foster care
  • Throw a baby shower for an expectant mom through the local pregnancy center