chattanooga underprivileged children

The Adventure Begins Here!

Breakaway Outreach provides adventure experiences, special activities, and field trips for under-served youth and underprivileged children. Some of our KidVenturez include wilderness retreats, outdoor fun, go-kart racing, amusement parks, sports events, NASCAR races, concerts, aquariums, zoos, museums, discovery centers, weekend getaways to the mountains/beach, and more!!!

The KidVenturez program serves kids predominantly from single parent families and economically insecure households. The program has also been a blessing to children of incarcerated parents, kids affected by domestic violence, foster children, inner city youth, and those recovering from emotional and psychological trauma. Our community is a safe place where every child can experience God’s love, positive social engagement, and resilience building activities.

Shaping Resilience in Kids Facing Adversity

Our aim is to provide inspiring and meaningful adventures that build spiritual and social resilience in kids facing adversity, and play a critical role in building self esteem and confidence.

Many of our outdoor experiences–hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and mountain biking–can greatly enhance a child’s resiliency skills. Other fun getaways can relieve tension and give solace to kids in crisis, distress, or transitional living facilities.

These programs are made possible by individuals and community partners who provide scholarships/donations for these children to attend KidVenturez experiences.