God has been using sports camps in Germany to reach the lost, foster disciple-making movements, and strengthen the local church. We partner with our German friends to facilitate gospel-centered sports outreaches for youth, aid in serving migrant and refugee children, and supplement church planting efforts in reaching the disconnected. This work is engaging German culture with fresh expressions of the Gospel, bringing communities together, and making Jesus famous among unreached people groups.


Why Germany?

Europe is an epicenter for cross-cultural influence and global impact. Europe’s economics, education, politics, philosophies and culture shape modern life and thought. Europe’s cities, through their diverse populations and activities, produce connections with individuals and cultures from around the world. Imagine what would happen if that influence could be harnessed to extend God’s Kingdom.

Germany sits at the center and crossroads of western Europe. Once the home of the Reformation, Germany is now a post-Christian and post-modern landscape. Ancient cities once scattered with churches full of people are now relics amongst the cultural and economic center of Europe. Home to 81.8 million people, Germany is now the most populous member of the European Union and the second most popular human migration destination in the world.

In Germany, evangelical Christians make up only about 3% of the population. Less than 50% of Germans believe in a life after death. Only 45% believe in a personal God, and only about 8% worship regularly. Yet amidst such spiritual destitution, many German young people are searching for answers about God, faith, Jesus, and eternity. It is a mission field ripe for harvest!

Missional Focus

The missional focus in Germany is to help mobilize communities to use baseball camps and other sports outreach models to cultivate relational environments where gospel-destitute kids can hear and respond to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, and to help strengthen the local church in creating pathways for sustained disciple-making movements.


Why Baseball?

Baseball is a relatively unknown sport in Germany. Having Americans instruct baseball is not only engaging for German youth, it impacts entire families and communities. Utilizing baseball camps for 8-18 year old young people has proven to be groundbreaking in its effectiveness to share the gospel.

Short Term Mission Trips

We provide short term mission trips for Americans to serve in Germany. Although you don’t have to be a baseball player to go, a general knowledge of the game is important. The most important aspect is your willingness to serve others and build relationships with our German friends. Contact us about mission trip dates and locations.

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You can support this missions movement in Germany by several ways:

  • Pray for American and German missional partnerships
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  • Invite us to your church for a missions presentation
  • Join us on a mission trip!
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