Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Breakaway Outreach is committed to helping maintain your privacy. We deeply appreciate that you’ve trusted us with personal information and we are committed to treating it confidentially.

Breakaway Outreach does not collect personal information without your knowledge nor does it track cookies. On our websites, you can provide contact information for ministry-related purposes, to order resources, to receive email updates and promotions, or to make ministry contributions.

How Information is Used

Information that is collected will be used for purposes with which they were given (i.e. to validate an email subscription, process an order, or to subscribe to publications). Information may also be used to send email newsletters, or notifications about Breakaway resources, products, services, or in general, to contact you.

Breakaway Outreach never sells, rents, leases, or exchanges any personal information with other organizations except what is required by law (i.e. 990 tax form). If you choose to utilize PayPal services on our website for resource purchases, donations, or other services, any information, including credit card information and your personal information you submit to PayPal is handled in the method described by PayPal’s privacy policy, which is available on their website.